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A Message From Our Founder

Watch the video from our founder Bernardo Moya and find out how you too could be speaking or exhibiting your services in our upcoming Expo in Las Vegas between the 12th-14th Of April

Why The Best You EXPO?

The Best You EXPO was founded in 2016 in London and over the years the show has been attended by over 30.000 people in the UK Only.

It has also been held in Long Beach California, in LA and more than 120.000 people globally.

Over the years more than 1200 speakers and hundreds of exhibitors have shared their expertise.

You can too!

Transform People's Lives. Including Yours

Some of The Speakers Have Included

Marisa Peer, Dr. Greg Reid, Brian Rose, Mastin Kipp, Jim Kwik, Paul McKenna, Sir Clive Woodward, Nia Peeples, Barbara de Angelis, Jason Vale, Judymay Murphy, Kyle Cease, Bill Walsh, John Lee, Bernardo Moya and so many more.

Some Of Our Previous Exhibitors, Partners And Sponsors

We appreciate your time and kindly ask for the same consideration in return.

We handle thousands of inquiries annually, so we encourage you to schedule a call only if you have a genuine interest.


Three Options.

All Winners

You have many options to get involved in The Best You EXPO. Our Expo packages are subject to the level of exposure, the presence and stage size and also tailored to your budget*

*Booking online provides substantial savings and your deposit or payment is guaranteed with a 100% refund if its not a fit.



Booths in The Best You EXPO in London are 3x2 meters shell scheme booths and includes carpet electric and internet. (does not include furniture)



The Speaker package is for those wanting to speak in one of our smaller stages with capacity for up to 100 people. It comprises of 2 x 25 minute talks. Everything you need for your talk, with a recording of the talk and to be included to our online streaming that will also be simultaneously translated in multiple languages through AI. Includes a booth



The Leader package is for those wanting to speak in one of our larger stages with capacity for up to 200 people. It comprises of 2 x 25 minute talks. Everything you need for your talk, with a recording of the talk and to be included to our online streaming that will also be simultaneously translated in multiple languages through AI. Includes a booth

Check Out Our Floorplan:

So What Happens Next ?


You reserve your booths or speaking slots


We book a call to allocate you the best booths or speaking slots available


If all is in order we start promoting you and your company. If its not a fit. We refund you your money!

You Want To Grow Your Business,

You Want More Exposure

Promoting Or Producing An Event

Can Difficult AND Expensive.

Finding the right customers,

And Making The Right Connections

Can Be Challenging AND Costly.

Some Good Words From Our Speakers & Partners

"One Of A Kind Experience!"

The Best You Expo is one of the most diverse international conferences that feels more like a self improvement party with the who’s who of high profile influencers, difference makers and world changers.

From optimizing your brain to growing your heart with bestselling authors and personal development professionals is the vibe at this one of a kind experience.

David T. Fagan

"The Smartest Investment I Ever Made"

The Best You Expo has been the smartest investment I’ve ever made in myself and my business! I’ve literally 10x my investment in new opportunities and clients!

Brian Muldoon


It's incredible what Bernardo and his team have put together over the years.

Greg Writer



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What is The Best You EXPO?

The Best You EXPO is a premier event focused on personal development, professional growth, and networking. It brings together thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and practitioners from various industries to share insights, experiences, and strategies for success.

Who attends The Best You EXPO?

The event attracts a diverse audience, including professionals seeking personal and career growth, entrepreneurs, industry experts, coaches, and individuals passionate about self-improvement and business development.

What are the benefits of speaking at The Best You EXPO?

Speakers gain exposure to a wide audience, the opportunity to network with other industry leaders, and the chance to establish themselves as authorities in their field. The EXPO also provides a platform for sharing innovative ideas and connecting with potential clients or collaborators.

What opportunities are available for exhibitors?

Exhibitors at The Best You EXPO can showcase their products or services to a targeted audience, generate leads, network with other businesses, and gain valuable insights into the latest industry trends and consumer preferences.

How can I apply to speak or exhibit at The Best You EXPO?

Interested parties can apply through the official Best You EXPO website. The application process involves submitting details about your background, expertise, and the topic or products you wish to present.

Why does The Best You Expo require speakers to invest in order to speak?

The Best You Expo is a significant production involving venue hire, event planning, technical setup, and comprehensive marketing efforts. By investing, speakers are contributing to the quality and success of the event, while also investing in their own visibility, brand growth, and networking opportunities. It's a mutually beneficial arrangement that ensures we can continue to provide a high-quality platform for personal and professional development.

What makes The Best You EXPO unique?

The Best You EXPO stands out due to its comprehensive approach to personal and professional development, its diverse range of speakers and exhibitors, and its commitment to creating a dynamic, interactive, and inspiring environment for all attendees.

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